Retirement Income & Distribution Planning

Proper retirement planning requires serious forward thinking. Whether you are working toward retirement or are already retired, our advisors at Barron Wealth Strategies located in Weatherford, Texas just west of Fort Worth can help you get the most out of your years ahead. Rather than dwelling in the fluctuating ups-and-downs that occur on a daily basis, you have to look at the big picture. This world is increasing in complexity, and national and political events seem ever more unsettled. Our team of dedicated financial planners at Barron Wealth Strategies can assist you in creating an effective retirement plan that accounts for these variables and helps you remain confident. We can help ensure that you have a solid retirement plan in place that takes into consideration what you want to do in your golden years.

We can provide you an analysis of your income needs both now and into the future. We provide recommendations regarding the best distribution strategies for your retirement plans, IRA’s and annuities.

There are many different types of retirement income. For example, there is guaranteed and non-guaranteed income. There are some sources of income that are stable, while others fluctuate. Some last for your entire lifetime, while others may not. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to design an income strategy that can work for you.

No retirement analysis is complete without a thorough review of your Social Security situation. While not everyone qualifies to receive Social Security, most do. For those who qualify, there are dozens of different options. The financial advisors at Barron Wealth Strategies can prepare you with Social Security Strategies. Allow us to guide you through the maze of choices that you will live with for the rest of your life and possibly your spouses’ lifetime.

Many clients will receive a pension during their retirement years. Pensions normally provide clients different options on the amount to receive, when to start receiving it and how much goes to a surviving spouse. Pension recipients only get one chance to elect those options. You need to get it right. We are well equipped to assist you in making these decisions.

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