Estate and Trust Planning

Who would you like to inherit your wealth… your spouse, your kids, your church, your step kids, your widows new step kids, or the IRS? These can be difficult decision but if you don’t take control, then someone else will.  It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. That is very true in estate planning. Your first step should be to call our advisors at Barron Wealth Strategies. We are proficient in assisting you in transferring your estate to your desired recipients.

Regardless of the size of your net worth, you need some form of estate planning. Simple estate planning could be limited to reviewing the beneficiaries on your annuities, IRA’s, 401k’s and life insurance policies to ensure that your intended recipients get the money. More complex strategies may involve some or all of life insurance, life insurance trusts, family limited partnerships, gifts, charitable donations, wills, and equalization strategies, just to name a few.

Some people are unable to take care of their own financial affairs. One or more of the children are often required to help in these situations. This can be an undue burden on the child. It can also cause friction and resentment between family members. Many times the answer is to form a trust and hire a professional corporate trustee to manage the day to day activities. Some of the advantages include hiring professionals to manage your affairs, less burden on your family members, less friction between your family members, and ensuring that your wishes are carried out correctly.

Planning an estate properly is an act of love and care for the next generation. Our team at Barron Wealth Strategies can assist you in this process by utilizing a number of key estate and trust planning strategies. All designed to preserve your loved ones’ best interests while helping ensure that your wishes are carried out properly.

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